Monday, November 5, 2007

Random people in Rome part 1

An odd collection of people I bumped into in Rome:
  • A Spanish student called Mario who is buck toothed, plays rugby and speaks horrible English.
  • A sceptical American who hates George Bush ("That guy's an idiot!"), saying he became president only because he was voted by 'ignorant, religious bigots' whose minds were brainwashed by Fox News.
  • A Filipino woman at the kebab shop who asked if I was American. When I told her I was from Sabah, she said she had lived in KK before (I started feeling homesick).
  • A black American who sees me sketching at the Vatican Museum, walks up and says, "It's the gift of God you have son and you're doing a great job. Have a nice day".
  • A friendly guard at the Vatican. I was walking into St Peter's basilica when he pointed at me at said, "Hey". I thought he wanted me to put my bag in the bagroom because maybe bags weren't allowed inside the building but he pointed at the Roma FC shirt I was wearing and said, "Support Lazio, NOT Roma!" I gave him a high five and walked off, while his friends laughed at me and said, "Australi" (they thought I was an Australian tourist).
  • A rude American who slaps my shoulder while I'm surfing the net at one of the computers at the hostel, saying "Would you mind getting off!" There is a plague of Americans all over Rome, I can see and hear them everywhere from the Vatican to the Hostel at 12 midnight when they're drunk...
  • Two German dudes at the hostel during my last days in Rome, named Dirk and Matthias. They had the most LAME jokes, eg.
"What did the man with one hand do to get another hand?"
"He went to the second hand shop"

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Danwin said...

Filipino who lived in Malaysia not in Rome?? Selling Kebab? What is she doing there?