Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last days in KK

Just came back from Shenanigans. My shirt smells like smoke. My heart's beating faster than normal. Feeling slightly tipsy. Drinking isn't prohibited in the Bible, but we shouldn't get drunk. I'm still sober, though I feel a bit high. Vodka lime was sweet. In times like these, it's good to know your limits.

Going back to Adelaide this saturday. This will be a big year. My sis and I will be graduating. Hopefully Josh makes it to Uni. I predict a few tensions this year, but they will be resolved through God's wisdom and common sense. KK has been a blast. Highlights include hanging out with relatives and close buddies. Wonderful feelings and memories.

Moving into a new place with new housemates. Pray that we would gel together and resolve any disagreements with patience and understanding...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My beloved country

Today I heard some interesting stories. My dad (he's an engineer) went to the relevant authority to get his proposal approved (the project is a retaining wall). The person in charge was like, "I won't approve this wall for you unless you do it my way". Dad was like, "But your way is too expensive. My client won't make any money. And I am the one responsible for this project." But the person was like, "I don't care. Either do it my way or I won't approve this proposal". Can you imagine my dad's frustration? This proposal definitely meets all the requirements but due to this person's attitude, the proposal wasn't approved when it should be.

Another story. There was a Sabah politician whose son was involved in a gang fight. One of the persons involved said he was going to murder the politician's son. And the son told the dad. The dad went out with a shotgun and killed the person who threatened to murder the son. A court case ensued. And this politician was like, "It was for self defence mah!"

Really makes me wonder whether I should come back here to work. It's the corruption and peoples' attitude in Malaysia that makes the Australian grass look greener. I hate prejudice. I hate abuse of authority. I love my country deeply. Yet when I look at the local Unis, 90% of the student population is taken up by Malays due to race quotas, according to mom. And you can't get any government contracts unless you are Malay. Look, I understand we should give the Malays a chance, I'm not against the Malays. But i feel this is unfair. No wonder my parents want me to work elsewhere. No wonder Malaysia is experiencing a brain drain.

Chinese New Year's eve. My mother's dinner specials are cooked lobster and shark fin soup. We wouldn't get this kind of food on normal days. Everyone's happy, especially my dad who can eat as much as he wants without my mom nagging him not to. I will not be able to sleep at midnight. Fireworks are supposed to be banned but this is Sabah, nobody cares. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

Hehe guess what, my mother's car number plate is quite auspicious. Because it has the numbers 688 in it, which according to my mom, means "Collect double" to the Chinese. How "Stupidstitious". Haha!