Monday, November 5, 2007

Lost in Translation

Kim and I were checking out this Korean Restaurant near our hostel. As we enter the premises...

Manager and waiter/ waitresses: Anyo Haseyo! (Kim is Korean Australian but she can't speak Korean. So she decides to say...)

Kim: Bonjourno! (Italian for 'Hello!)

Manager (Looking a bit surprised): Nie Sher Zhoungguo ren ma? (Mandarin for "Are you from China?)

Aaron (Without even thinking): No, we're Australian.

Now everyone except Kim and I looks confused. We look at the menu for a little bit, then decide to leave.

Kim: Grazie (Italian for "Thanks!)

Manager and his workers smile and nod their heads, still looking confused.


Danwin said...

Wahaha...that is really funny and weird.

Ignatius said...

You are Malaysian my friend. Don't forget your roots!!

adam k. said...

while not forgetting your roots you must also remember that you are citizen of the earth and conqueror of the universe! haha

au revoir!