Friday, January 2, 2009


I've been thinking a lot lately about selflessness. What does it mean? To me, selflessless means nothing unless it's put into action. And I have seen many actions over the past month that define selflessless.

Look at OCF Convention 08. The committee who fought against stress, self doubt and self comfort so that God could touch the lives of those who came. The people who overcame shyness and awkwardness to reach out to the other delegates in order to make them feel welcome. Without the selfless actions in the kitchen, pulpit, PA, bible study, AGM and people's homes, Convention 08 wouldn't have happened in the first place.

My graduation ceremony. Graduating with a Masters of Architecture is impossible without the sacrifices made by the parents. Especially mom. Back when I was 13, she turned down a high paying position. She left her company and joined my dad's firm. If you asked her why, she could sum up her answer in two words, "The children". A high paying position meant flying out of the country and only returning once a few months to see the family. In comparison, my father's office was only 5 minutes away from home. If Aaron and Lydia were naughty, they would be walloped almost immediately. So even while the cat was away, the mice won't even dare come out and play.

The trip to Melbourne and Tasmania. Tell me, where on earth would a person wake up at 4am to drive someone he only just met, together with his parents to the airport? Only in Tasmania, as far as I know. To those who drove us around, took me to a cool vego place for lunch, brought us to church, the fish and chip shop and for the Christmas BBQ, THANK YOU!

New Year's Resolution: Find out what it means to be selfless. By observing others and doing it more and more! Because the only way some people will see Jesus is not in a sermon. Or a song. But in actions that come from a heart that is thankful for His selfless love on the Cross. Amen.