Monday, November 5, 2007

The horrible airport experience

November 4th. It was a bright sunny day. At last I'm coming back to Adelaide! I reached the airport at 11.30am, my flight scheduled to depart at 1.45pm.

The departure time read 12.20pm on the display screen. What?! I checked in at the counter. The lady in charge says, "Why are you so late? It's past boarding time." I was melting to the ground as she called her superior to negotiate. When she finished I told her my flight itinerary said the departure time was 1.45pm. She said, "But we had daylight savings. Your travel agent should have told you this". Eh?! This kind of thing never happens in Adelaide. I asked if the plane was still waiting for me, and she said, "Yes". So I ran, thinking that even if DST was accounted for, the departure time would be 12.45pm instead of 12.20pm. But Daylight savings is not a valid reason to begin with! #@*%! There were massive queues at the metal detectors and passport checkpoints. One minute waiting there was like an hour. by the time I cleared those checkpoints, I saw other people running with me. One of them crashed into a lady carrying shopping bags. Then I reached the boarding gate for my flight and saw another queue. I quickly became relaxed. Ha! So I wasn't the only one caught off- guard. When I was finally seated on the plane in the middle seat =( I got news from the pilot that the flight was being delayed because they were still waiting for 6 people.

Here's to the inefficiency of the great Italy. Thank God I made it out alive. phew =p

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