Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yet another surprise birthday...

Thursday night 11pm. Katrina had a long day and was pretty tired. Suddenly I got a call from Norman: 'Make sure she doesn't fall asleep! Give her a call or something, we're coming to your place right now'.

So I did: 'Hey Kat, I'm just going to ask Adrian what time Catholic church service starts so your father can go this sunday, but I can only do that after his quiet time. So don't sleep yet ya. I'll talk to you on Facebook.

Because Erwin, Huey Chi and I were already on the way to Kat's place the Facebook conversation didn't happen. It was now Caleb's turn to keep Katrina awake. So they chatted online and he made up this wild story about getting evicted.

Gotta give it to Caleb for great acting skills. By the time we arrived he was still acting, outside Kat's door. Kat was too busy paying attention to notice someone coming up her door; Norman with birthday cake...

 Gotta love James' face!

Midnight birthday surprise. Parents coming over. Still 19. What more could a birthday girl want?


Nathania said...

that was a smackin'' surprise!
must've enjoyed her 19th much :D

Katrina said...

i want cuppycakes!! muahahahha!!!!! yea nat i was very surprised and yes it looked like im not wearin gmy shors.. OMG the look at the elephant legs.. haha!!!!!


Eva said...

A sweet surprise for the birthday girl :)

jazzy said...

awesommmeeeeeeeeee... u guys are so sweeeeetttt.... kat looked superbly happpppyyy.. haha.

aaron, awesome blog !! haha noticed that it is not as dead as before o.0 hahaaa