Monday, May 4, 2009

Life after assignments...

Thanks to a certain someone, I feel compelled to update more often...

But once again, depends on how I feel =)
Had 5 assignments due last Friday. So last week was one of my more anti-social moments...

They were major assignments. So certain sacrifices had to be made. No drum lessons. No Korean BBQ. No Gears of War.

Glad I made those sacrifices. Because the presentation on Friday was AWESOME.

How did I celebrate? By going back to a normal life. On saturday, resumed guitar and drum practice. Went back to gym. Had a BS lunch where we organised a surprise party for Penny. Jammed with Ronald and Lionel. Restarted drum lessons with Amanda and Athena. Went to Life Group.

He's getting better!

Edward, Katrina and Aaron all agree on one thing: Lionel can sing!

Sunday. After church, celebrated Andrew's birthday. Jogging with Ben, Danwin and Wei Shern. Surprise party for Penny.

Prince Andrew

Best picture of Liz and Betty ever taken.

The birthday cake was chocolate mixed with rum, nuts, lemon zest and raisins. All thanks to Mel the master baker...

One very surprised birthday girl. Best BS group outing ever!

Feels good to have a life again =)

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