Monday, October 6, 2008

Making Time For People

My Typical Weekday

Get up
8 hours
Brain dead
Go home

No-life architecture student. I clock in the hours out of obligation, not enjoyment. I've been saying "No" and "Sorry" more often this year. No, I can't make it to your graduation, sorry. No, can't join you for dinner, I'm working. Don't disrupt my flow. Sorry.

I like to believe that friends understand I'm busy, especially when it's final year. Of course they understand. But after a while the friendship becomes defined by "No" and "Sorry", instead of "I'll be there". What kind of friendship is that? And when something comes up, they will say, "Don't ask Aaron, he's busy, he won't make it".

Don't abandon the people whom you call your friends. Make the effort to MAKE time for them. Work is not an excuse. I sacrificed social life for work and still I get mediocre results. The worst feeling in the world is to get bad grades and feel alone.

We are created to enjoy relationship with each other. I need to start by making time for my Best Friend. The One who gave me His life so I could live in Him and for Him. AND to minister to the people He has entrusted to my care.


jan said...

Amen to that Aaron! I find that busy-ness has been a pseudo-excuse, as much as I didn't intend for it to be! Being in 'final year' for me does not justify not being there for friends (as I have experienced it). If we make the time, surely we WILL have time right? :-p
Let's go to Allan's again one day!

Lil said...

hey Aaron...thanks again for making time for dinner last night.
may the remaining days to ur graduation be filled with God's presence and peace.