Thursday, February 21, 2008

Last days in KK

Just came back from Shenanigans. My shirt smells like smoke. My heart's beating faster than normal. Feeling slightly tipsy. Drinking isn't prohibited in the Bible, but we shouldn't get drunk. I'm still sober, though I feel a bit high. Vodka lime was sweet. In times like these, it's good to know your limits.

Going back to Adelaide this saturday. This will be a big year. My sis and I will be graduating. Hopefully Josh makes it to Uni. I predict a few tensions this year, but they will be resolved through God's wisdom and common sense. KK has been a blast. Highlights include hanging out with relatives and close buddies. Wonderful feelings and memories.

Moving into a new place with new housemates. Pray that we would gel together and resolve any disagreements with patience and understanding...

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adam k. said...

although no direct prohibition of alcohol is found in the bible, you must also remember the teachings of Deuteronomy and Leviticus food jews , muslims and other religions we too are required to eat kosher/halal food. not many people follow or know this.

did you know that you're not supposed to eat mushrooms because it's a fungus? hahaha

which brings me to the Ash Wednesday 08 in kk. the church moved it to friday or was it saturday because of chinese new years. made me question peoples priorities. culture over religion?what are your thoughts on that?